What Our Clients Say

We have had the pleasure of working with incredible clients, and they love to share feedback about working with the Space Kit team. We have a worked on a wide range of projects from a law firm to a full gut renovations and kitchen design.

 Here is what our clients say: 

“The Design Kit transforms the chaos of client wishes into a parade of facts. From ideas to actuality, Space Kit effectively reshapes Renovation Costing, presenting a Project signed off, filed and delivered with a start date……..for a fixed fee! Simply brilliant.”

-Tom, General Contractor

“Working with Space Kit has made the chaotic and unpredictable experience of NYC apartment renovation so peaceful, understandable, and enjoyable. Everything from the brilliant designs to the project management services is performed at the highest level with attention to the smallest detail. We couldn’t be happier with how Space Kit transformed our fragmented co-op apartment into a fluid, unified environment.”

 – Jacob, Client


“We knew this place had potential when we bought it, but we had no idea how the floor plan could work. It was so dysfunctional and had never been renovated. We never lived in the space, so we learned about it through the design process: walking through with Celia and asking questions we would have never had thought about. We are so excited to finally live here.”

 –Danielle, Client


“It’s like renting a high end architect for a day.”

–Dana, Client


” I valued their insight into how you design a living space. Celia was able to create a space that accommodates my interests, my work and my desire to entertain.”

– Peter, Client


“The comprehensive Space Kit package goes beyond what you would find from a typical architect.  We found the suggestions were relevant and very functional for our situation.”

 – Angelo, Client


“Working with Celia and Frank was a true pleasure.  The Space Kit workbook they prepared helped me completely re-think my space.  Their knowledge and guidance was invaluable.  Before working with them I had no clue where to start.  All I knew was that my office wasn’t comfortable.  Now with their help I have an action plan on how to transform my office into a healthy and productive space.”  

– Alexis, Client


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