Going Wild on the Upper West Side

A Space Kit pre-war apartment on the Upper West Side is undergoing a gut renovation, and we are so excited because the bathroom is going to be a total jewel box experience. The client gave Space Kit designers carte blanche with the bathroom design, requesting we “Go wild.” We decided a gorgeous floor mosaic is our opportunity to make an otherwise tiny water closet glamorous and fun. Here are some of the looks we love, enjoy!

Top Row: Falling Marble Cubes by Ann Sacks, Lantern Tiles in Dove Grey by Popham Design, Marble Mosaic at The Greenwich Hotel

Bottom Row: Pattern by The English Room, Carrara Basket Weave by Walker Zanger, Ken Kelly New York


Improving our Homes for Eczema Children – Minimizing Indoor Allergens (House Dust Mites)

Mei of the blog Eczema Blues interviewed Space Kit Co-Founder Celia Imrey about how to design a home which maximizes health through the consideration of issues such as humidity, air circulation, temperature control, and selection of materials in design. Mei’s wonderful blog is full of great advice for families dealing with environmental related health conditions, so we are happy to contribute helpful information for making healthy spaces. Below is an excerpt from Part One of the Guest Series with Celia, click here to read the full entry.

Marcie Mom: Let’s suppose we are not changing where we live, but able to change our room layout and materials we use (i.e. major renovation): Do the materials which we use for our floor, and for our walls, make a difference? For instance, will certain wall materials or paint or finishes increase the surfaces for dust mites to live while others make it more difficult for them to thrive?

Celia: At Space Kit, we recommend using natural materials where possible, especially for carpets. Dust mites take refuge in carpets, but can’t live on hard surfaces like wood floors or plastic. Wherever you have carpets or rugs, use wool. The natural lanolin in wood repels dust mites. Paint does not affect dust mites that we know.

The Five Elements of Sustainable Design – Interview on ArtSpace.com

Space Kit co-founders Celia Imrey and Sharon Davis have partnered with Artspace.com, and have curated an online gallery using the Five Elements of Sustainable Design.  The physical architecture of your apartment (walls, floors, fixtures, lighting, etc.) can be grouped into five elements: AIR, LIGHT, POWER, WATER and MATTER. These elements, when considered individually, help to define goals for a healthy physical living environment.

See the exhibit & read the full interview here.

Featured works include pieces by Cy Twombly, Gerhard Richter, Amanda Means, Kim Beck, Aditi Singh, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Ursula Von Rydingsvard, Vik Muniz, Louise Lawler, Donald Baechler, Bruno Barbey, Mike and Doug Starn, Matt Mullican, Robert Rauschenberg, and Bastienne Schmidt.