How to Pick Paint Color for Your Home

Paint color is an efficient way to add your personality to a space. Walking over to your local hardware store and shuffling through hundreds of color chips can be daunting, so here are a few tips via our friends at Houzz to help you get started on your color story.


Start with an inspiration image, palette, or some piece of art as a starting point to expand around. Athena Calderone created a palette in her cutaway sketch below, for the Playland Motel in the Rockaways inspired by the ocean views.

Playland Motel Athena Calderone

Neutral colors like greys and beige are quite forgiving in a space, as they will compliment everything you already own.

Ochre Soho

Bring a sample of the finishes in your room to the paint store to aid in matching. Start with the existing motifs and you will avoid a color clash.


If you’re nervous about adding color to your space, start with a small area like your bathroom, then move on to larger spaces as you ease into your color story.


See a color you love in a magazine or blog image? Feel free to snag it- but always make sure to test out the paint on your wall. Either paint a poster sized sheet, or paint a swatch right onto the wall. This will avoid major mishaps!


When in doubt, you can always ask a designer to help you with a color consultation, it’s worth it’s weight in gold!


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