At Home At Home

We believe entering your domain should be like shaking hands with yourself. One way to enhance this experience is through displaying art that speaks to you, inspires, and is reflective of the life you live. Secondary to the art itself is the display- and here is a roundup of creative ways to show off your collection of art, mementos, and favorite images that make your house a home.

First Row: Large scale insect prints over a series of chairs via Design Sponge, the layered look via Habitually Chic, leaning over-sized pieces against a wall is casual and collected via Habitually Chic

Second Row: A diverse collection comes together on edge via Domaine Home, Trifecta at the Plaza Hotel by Steven Gambrel, Keeping it casual with simple taped edges via EyeSwoon, Making room for art also via EyeSwoon


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