How to bring plants into the home


Living plants have a positive impact on your health and wellness. For those of us who manage to kill any plant that comes in the door, you need to meet the Golden pothos plant! These green indoor plants eliminate toxins in the air such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.  (Bonus: Golden pothos, also know as devil’s ivy, stays green even when kept in the dark.)

Contemporary Plant Wall

Here are some great tips to keep your Pothos friend happy, healthy, thriving, and beautiful from our friends at

  • Light: Most houseplants prefer bright indirect light, though pothos can also live in low-light conditions as well as artificial light, making it the perfect office cubicle plant. Pothos with variegated leaves as opposed to solid green leaves are less tolerant of low light.
  • Water: Water thoroughly and allow the soil to dry out between watering. Do not allow the soil to become swampy, as these vines are susceptible to root rot, an interesting quality for a plant that can grow in water.
  • Soil: Use a well-draining all-purpose houseplant mix.
  • Feeding: Fertilization is not necessary unless you’d like to get pothos growing in high gear, in which case you may fertilize once a month with a general houseplant fertilizer.
  • General: Pothos is popular for its ability to grow in either soil or water, although once the plant begins to mature, it will adapt to the medium of your choice and may not tolerate a switch. You can even just fill a large jug with pothos cuttings, put it in a high place and enjoy a cascading vine that is care free with the exception of refilling the water once in a while.
  • Propagation: You can easily make new plants from pothos cuttings. Root in water or dip the end in rooting hormone and root in moist soil. Rooting hormone is not mandatory but will increase your success rate.

Other considerations:

  • Air purification: It’s efficient at removing airborne toxins such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.
  • Cautions: Pothos can be toxic to pets and children if ingested. More about plant cautions
  • Native environment: It has a broad native distribution, extending from Northern Australia through Malaysia and Indochina into China, Japan and India.
Clos-ette Too Blog Feature

Luxury Organization Experts, Space Kit = Genius!

We LOVE this blog post from our friends at Clos-ette Too! We recently sat down with founder Melanie Charlton, luxury closet designer and organizational genius to speak about design and the home as a holistic unit. Linley Taber writes, “It’s one of the best design ideas we’ve heard in a long time- and the gorgeous images from Space Kit’s portfolio prove it.”

Click here to read the rest of the blog post and click here to learn more about Clos-ette Too!






It’s one of the best design ideas we’ve heard in a long time – and the gorgeous images from Space Kit’s portfolio prove it. – See more at:
It’s one of the best design ideas we’ve heard in a long time – and the gorgeous images from Space Kit’s portfolio prove it. – See more at:
It’s one of the best design ideas we’ve heard in a long time – and the gorgeous images from Space Kit’s portfolio prove it. – See more at:



For architect Celia Imrey, the new Edgartown Library feels like home

celia MV

Space Kit principal Celia Imrey was interviewed by The Martha’s Vineyard Times about her new project, the Edgartown Public Library. Celia fondly discusses her relationship with the island, and how the community has informed the library’s design and sense of place.

“The building acts like kind of like a leather-bound book. There’s these strong brick ends, and ten there’s a soft spot that opens up with the window walls that are transparent. That’s where people will be able to communicate from the inside to the outside,” Ms Imrey said.

Click here to read the rest of the interview.

House Call: A Modern Renovation in The East Village

Here are photos of a newly renovated East Village apartment where our Space Kit was used to  move the design forward to construction and decoration. What is currently the living room used to be a second bedroom and the kitchen has been relocated from the depths of the apartment out into the open to create an open living space that faces sunshine and the street outside. The resulting space fills with daylight and has a very effective floor plan for the client who works from home and loves to entertain guests around the kitchen. We especially love the collection of chairs, what a fabulous way to display an homage to classic modernism!

IMG_3323 IMG_3350  IMG_3373 IMG_3393IMG_3404 IMG_3403

IMG_3383 IMG_3457 IMG_3422 IMG_3427 IMG_3452

How to Pick Paint Color for Your Home

Paint color is an efficient way to add your personality to a space. Walking over to your local hardware store and shuffling through hundreds of color chips can be daunting, so here are a few tips via our friends at Houzz to help you get started on your color story.


Start with an inspiration image, palette, or some piece of art as a starting point to expand around. Athena Calderone created a palette in her cutaway sketch below, for the Playland Motel in the Rockaways inspired by the ocean views.

Playland Motel Athena Calderone

Neutral colors like greys and beige are quite forgiving in a space, as they will compliment everything you already own.

Ochre Soho

Bring a sample of the finishes in your room to the paint store to aid in matching. Start with the existing motifs and you will avoid a color clash.


If you’re nervous about adding color to your space, start with a small area like your bathroom, then move on to larger spaces as you ease into your color story.


See a color you love in a magazine or blog image? Feel free to snag it- but always make sure to test out the paint on your wall. Either paint a poster sized sheet, or paint a swatch right onto the wall. This will avoid major mishaps!


When in doubt, you can always ask a designer to help you with a color consultation, it’s worth it’s weight in gold!


A Very Special Evening

Space Kit and Jessica Kaufman of Citi Habitats hosted a special lifestyle lecture given by Space Kit Architect and co-founder Celia Imrey. She shared strategies for creating and designing a home which reduces stress and inspires thoughtful living. She will talk about key techniques for bringing sustainability into the home. It was a beautiful evening filled with thoughtful discussions and new friends!

What Our Clients Say

We have had the pleasure of working with incredible clients, and they love to share feedback about working with the Space Kit team. We have a worked on a wide range of projects from a law firm to a full gut renovations and kitchen design.

 Here is what our clients say: 

“The Design Kit transforms the chaos of client wishes into a parade of facts. From ideas to actuality, Space Kit effectively reshapes Renovation Costing, presenting a Project signed off, filed and delivered with a start date……..for a fixed fee! Simply brilliant.”

-Tom, General Contractor

“Working with Space Kit has made the chaotic and unpredictable experience of NYC apartment renovation so peaceful, understandable, and enjoyable. Everything from the brilliant designs to the project management services is performed at the highest level with attention to the smallest detail. We couldn’t be happier with how Space Kit transformed our fragmented co-op apartment into a fluid, unified environment.”

 – Jacob, Client


“We knew this place had potential when we bought it, but we had no idea how the floor plan could work. It was so dysfunctional and had never been renovated. We never lived in the space, so we learned about it through the design process: walking through with Celia and asking questions we would have never had thought about. We are so excited to finally live here.”

 –Danielle, Client


“It’s like renting a high end architect for a day.”

–Dana, Client


” I valued their insight into how you design a living space. Celia was able to create a space that accommodates my interests, my work and my desire to entertain.”

– Peter, Client


“The comprehensive Space Kit package goes beyond what you would find from a typical architect.  We found the suggestions were relevant and very functional for our situation.”

 – Angelo, Client


“Working with Celia and Frank was a true pleasure.  The Space Kit workbook they prepared helped me completely re-think my space.  Their knowledge and guidance was invaluable.  Before working with them I had no clue where to start.  All I knew was that my office wasn’t comfortable.  Now with their help I have an action plan on how to transform my office into a healthy and productive space.”  

– Alexis, Client


White Bedroom

Improving our Homes for Eczema Children – Minimizing Indoor Allergens (Mold and Cockroach)


We are so excited to share Part II of the Eczema Blues special expert interview with Space Kit co-Founder Celia Imrey about Minimizing Indoor Allergens. Even if you don’t suffer from these environmentally-related health conditions, there is a lot of interesting information which will help you keep your home a healthy space free of toxins, mold, and critters.  Space Kit will always take these factors into the holistic planning of a home.

Thank you again to Marcei Mei for sharing the interview with your loyal readers about how to turn blues to bliss!

Here is an excerpt from the Interview, and click here to read the rest!

Cockroach, more precisely the allergens found in their droppings, saliva and bodies, is another common indoor allergen. From the AAFA website, it is mentioned that When one roach is seen in the basement or kitchen, it is safe to assume that at least 800 roaches are hidden under the kitchen sink, in closets and the like’. Cockroaches thrive in warm and humid environment, and they feed on our food (thrash, scraps, starch) and water. The particle sizes of cockroach allergen are large and tend to settle on surfaces. They not only worsen allergic conditions, but carry bacteria.  Symptoms or conditions of allergy to cockroach may be itchy eyes, itchy skin, eczema rashes, nasal congestion, asthma and allergic rhinitis. Minimizing the growth of cockroach can be done by observing hygiene and minimizing their food source, water and shelter.

In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, of the children in the study, “36.8 percent were allergic to cockroach allergen, 34.9 percent to dust-mite allergen, and 22.7 percent to cat allergen. Among the children’s bedrooms, 50.2 percent had high levels of cockroach allergen in dust, 9.7 percent had high levels of dust-mite allergen, and 12.6 percent had high levels of cat allergen”.

MarcieMom: I understand that cockroaches hide outside the home, what are the possible areas in our home to ‘seal off’ cockroaches?

Celia: Sealing the hole around the steam pipe and sealing the hole around all plumbing and electrical pipes. Also, you can utilize drain covers to prevent critters from entering up into your home through showers and sinks.


Image via Remodelista

Cool Stuff We Love: Rebecca Atwood

Bring the sea breeze of Cape Cod to your home with these stunning hand painted pillows by Brooklyn textile designer Rebecca Atwood. The RISD graduate and Anthropolgie veteran utilizes the memories of her childhood landscape to bring the ELEMENT OF WATER to her simple and elegant pieces. We love the combination of the organic nautical designs with the hard lines of brass zippers and butterscotch colored stripes.

You can shop Rebecca’s collection online, and we love her blog!

Top Row: Images Via Remodelista

Bottom Row: Images via Rebecca’s site


At Home At Home

We believe entering your domain should be like shaking hands with yourself. One way to enhance this experience is through displaying art that speaks to you, inspires, and is reflective of the life you live. Secondary to the art itself is the display- and here is a roundup of creative ways to show off your collection of art, mementos, and favorite images that make your house a home.

First Row: Large scale insect prints over a series of chairs via Design Sponge, the layered look via Habitually Chic, leaning over-sized pieces against a wall is casual and collected via Habitually Chic

Second Row: A diverse collection comes together on edge via Domaine Home, Trifecta at the Plaza Hotel by Steven Gambrel, Keeping it casual with simple taped edges via EyeSwoon, Making room for art also via EyeSwoon